Poems For Peace

Ye who love a nation’s legends

Love the ballads of people

That like voices from a far off

Call to us to pause and listen.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Hiawatha


Thank you, Lord for Blessing Marie
with your gift of Love:

Freedom through death and the promise of Life Eternal.

It is said that teachers have a three-fold immortality:
In the lives and minds of their students,
And in your promise of Eternal Life

With the first two kinds, Marie has long been blessed,
And now we ask for her the third.

As well you know already, Lord
Her life was spent for others and for us.
And in praise of you through service to the sick,
The poor, the aged, the hungry, and the hopeless.

We gather not to say “Goodbye,” but to ask your blessing
For her and us and at the start of her New life.

We know that your son has said
That not one sparrow falls without your notice
Surely, Marie has caught your eye.

Lord, attend your fallen Dove of Peace
Who lovingly has built her nest,
Loved her mate,
Raised her young,
And sung and lived Your praise.

Please grant to her through your son’s Sacrifice,
Eternal Life.

As for us, give consolation out temporary loss.
Hush out mournful song at sinking of her light
Behind the shadowy hills,
And as the edge of dawn strains
to kiss Concord’s Musketequid
With light of your New Day,
Change sorrow into joy
We know that we will be with her again
And you.

So while we wait, let us be mindful that
When next we meet to celebrate your gift of life-in-death
It may be given to one of us.

In readiness, then let us live,
Singing words of praise to You
And songs of love to one another.

Lord, please Bless Marie and us. Amen

-by Joesph H. Strain

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